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10 Things to do for Your Partner During Pregnancy

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While pregnancy is often a welcomed joy in life, that does not mean that it is an easy task. A women is growing a whole entire human inside of her body. Whew. So, here's a few things that one can do to support their partner during the first trimester and all trimesters really. 

1) Prepare a light snack or a full breakfast, depending on how exactly morning sickness has hit, and bring it to her before she gets out of bed. Bringing it to her before she gets out of bed, is a game changer as morning sickness usually hits about 27 seconds upon getting out of bed. Crackers with cheese, cold fruit, yogurt with hemp hearts, goji berries and granola, oatmeal and even a bowl of her favorite cereal are great options. 

2) Encourage her to get outside and into the fresh air and sunshine by going on a walk together. Her energy levels are likely to be low and she may not be able to conjure up the strength to get herself up without some help. Grab her walking shoes, her favorite pair of leggings and t-shirt and ask her to come for a walk with you. It will benefit her and you in so many ways. Be sure to hold her hand too. Making this a daily habit will be beneficial and give her strength when its time for labor too. On the days this isn't an option, open the windows and curtains, or try sitting outside together. 

3) Give her some grace and pick up the slack. When you come home from work and she's laying in bed, the house isn't in its typical order and dinner isn't even started, let alone ready, give her a kiss on the forehead, tell her you love her and get to work buddy. Start dinner yourself or get to ordering, start that laundry, wipe down the counters and the toilet, run the vacuum and do it all with a smile on your face and love in your heart. Remember, she's making a whole entire human inside of her and she's experiencing so many inner changes. 

4) Educate yourself. Pick up some reading, sign up for a class, google some things, ask questions at your next prenatal visit and start to learn about pregnancy, ways to support your partner through pregnancy, labor and postpartum and get involved. The more you know, the more you will be able go empathize with what she is experiencing and ultimately, support her. 

5) Book a photographer for a maternity shoot. This is a special time and you will both be happy to have photos to look back on. Even if photos aren't your thing, this is all about supporting your partner right, making her feel special and uplifted. If you want to go the extra mile, book the photographer for a fresh 48 shoot and for a few months after the baby is born. They change so fast and trust me, that special woman carrying your baby will thank you forever for taking the time to set this up. 

6) Ask her how she is feeling and how her day has been. Such a simple  question can go so far. When she responds, truly listen, be that supportive partner that you are and respond accordingly.

7) Lay down and take a nap together. Ahhhh, just the thought of it gets me all in my feels. Pregnancy, even in the first trimester, takes so much out of you, so why not? Soon enough, you'll be on the sleep schedule of a newborn baby so, do what you can, while you can and that is sleep at your leisure. 

8) Give her a massage without her having to ask, without expecting anything in return and make it a habit throughout pregnancy. Rub her shoulders, her neck, her head, her hands, her back, her hips, her whole body. It'll be special you doing the massaging but, if you have the means, you could consider setting up regular massages from a professional. 

9) Keep the fridge and pantry stocked for her with easy and healthy things to eat and drink. Alkaline water, coconut water, Topo Chico are all great things are great to keep her hydrated, especially if she's experiencing morning sickness. Nuts, granola bars, salads, fruit of all kinds, overnight oats, hummus, and yogurt are all great things. Consider prepping a lunch for her, even if its just packing up leftovers from the night before in an easy to heat container for her. Giving her access to healthy food, that doesn't take much thought or effort on her part will help her in so many ways and make her feel taken care of in a special way.

10) Ask her what she needs from you and how you can support her during this time. While I've provided some suggestions, everyone is different and we all have certain needs, so take the time to ask her directly what you can do for her. You may be surprised to hear that she just wants to spend time with you or for you to hug her. 

Bonus) Sign her up for some prenatal yoga classes. 

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